Biomimetic Remediation


Biomimetic Remediation

 Biomimetic Remediation. Our distinct advantage. Nature figured it out billions of years ago. Many smart scientists have studied the roles of microbes in remediating contaminants. Modeling and applying this knowledge to a wide variety of industrial and environmental settings just makes sense. But bioremediation has gotten a bad rap over the past couple of decades. With our Biomimetic Remediation using 

AT-Boost®, AT-Cat®, AT-Trace® and other proprietary technologies, Akaya is pushing the boundaries on how to make bioremediation better and more applicable over a wider range of projects. We're not just selling some products or services. We are bundling best practices from our research and development to provide a wholistic approach that more readily ensures overall remediation success.


We Finish Unfinished Business. Spill Cleanup Done Right.™

No doubt about it, cleaning up contamination is hard work. It's one of the dirtiest of dirty jobs, often thankless and a painful budgetary line item. And we can't forget the pressure -- from regulatory bodies or higher-ups or just knowing that ecological collateral damage continues until the work is done. Dirty, expensive, stressful, dangerous.

But someone has to do it and Akaya is here to help you complete the job with relative ease and success. When your team sees how efficient and inexpensive it was to achieve that "ND" on the lab results, or no more odors or sheens or contaminated residues, you can rest easy that your job was done right.


Our specialty within your overall solution

No two contamination remediation sites are the same. We are very data driven. While we can often use our approach to remediate an entire site, it sometimes takes a variety of modalities to solve more complex issues. We have proven results working within a multi-phased, multi-approach solution with other types of environmental engineering and restoration firms, marine contractors, construction firms, etc.