Work with us and give back

We're a U.S.- based company that works around the world cleaning up contaminated soil and water. While we are grateful for this opportunity and the positive impact that it makes on the environment and communities, we also see some things along the way that we wish we didn't have to see -- communities so contaminated that the basic needs of potable water and suitable nourishment cannot be met. The people or governments oftentimes just don't have the money or expertise to make the situation better. It's a core mission of ours to give our time and resources whenever possible to those who need it. Clean water and clean soil should be available to everyone.

Oil-contaminated fishing nets

Imagine if everyday the main tool you use -- a laptop, vehicle, drill -- to make a living stopped working properly. Fishermen in many parts of the world face this everyday when they go out to fish for their families and livelihoods and their main tool -- their fishing net -- gets mucked-up with oil from leftover crude spills or sewage from residential run-off. Soaking the nets in our BioTreatment as part of their maintenance can remediate the oil or sewage so that their catch does not come in contact with these contaminants. 


Nutrient rebalancing and damaged soil restoration

Contamination of agricultural soil occurs all over the world. But hardest hit are developing countries and small villages that can't easily get their food from any other source, or don't have the oversight or means to stop the contamination in the first place. Our remediation and restoration can help farmers reverse the damage and restore healthy fertility to the soil. As a result, crop yields increase and soils become more hardy under challenging conditions. 

Contact us if you would like to get more information about nominating a place for one of our Give Back remediation projects.