BioTreatment Technology

Our specialty is treating particularly complicated contamination areas and scenarios. By applying our BioTreatment Technology to your remediation projects, we can solve your issues oftentimes cheaper and faster. Our in-house research and development team is focused on finding best-practice solutions and developing our own proprietary approaches and products. Our archaea solutions and other technologies are known for solving particularly recalcitrant remediation challenges.

First, do no harm

We are here to solve your problems, not create new ones. Too many times we've seen collateral damage created from the very remediation techniques meant to help. This creates not only added expense to the client but also has sometimes irreversible consequences for the ecology of the site.

Benefits of Akaya BioTreatment Technology

  • Scalable
  • Easily modified for specific site requirements
  • Application procedures non-to-minimally invasive to habitats
  • Significantly cheaper than legacy methodologies
  • Less labor and equipment intensive
  • Ecologically restorative, not just remediation-focused
  • Safe for use around humans, flora and fauna, aquatic and on land
  • Complementary to other remediation approaches
  • Avoids collateral damage typical of many legacy methods 
  • Easily transferrable to client internal team
  • Successful where other methods fall short or fail
  • Backed by qualified engineers and scientists for ongoing consulting and trouble-shooting