Innovative BioTreatment Technologies & Data-Driven Design & Implementation

About Us

Superior Results

Not only are sites remediated from some of the most recalcitrant contaminants, our unique BioTreatment techniques kickstart the inherent natural restoration process.

Lower Cost & Faster

The focus on in situ treatment of surface and sub-surface soil and water contamination with hardy BioTreatment options to handle a wide range of conditions.

Safe & Proven

NCPPS-listed products*. Performance & safety proven by peer-reviewed studies and hundreds of real world environmental remediation projects. 

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Akaya engages in services ancillary to professional engineering and hydrogeology, including environmental consulting, treatment plan design and remediation services, spill containment, 

spill cleanup, and ex situ and in situ remediation of toxic or hazardous materials. 

Akaya often subcontracts for environmental engineering firms who utilize us for our niche 

BioTreatment products and expertise.

*Disclaimer: The listing of our product on the Product Schedule (NCPPS) does not mean that EPA approves, recommends, licenses, certifies, or authorizes the use of a product on an oil discharge.